Join us for the Hispanic Heritage Book Fair Milibrohispano

Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization / Milibrohispano, chaired by the writer Pilar Vélez, in alliance with El Centro Hispano, chaired by Pilar Rocha- Goldberg, and the collaboration of the Consulates General of Mexico and Guatemala in Raleigh; Strength and Multiple Union (FUM); Asheboro Latinx Services, Inc.; the Association of Professionals Hispanics, Snow Fountain Press; Thrivent; Takiri,, Poets and Writers Miami and North Carolina Latina Magazine; among other organizations, convene the second edition of the Hispanic Heritage Book Fair Milibrohispano in Durham, North Carolina, at be held between April 21 and 23, 2022.

Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization / Milibrohispano

It is a great and unprecedented cultural event, dedicated to Guatemala and Mexico, which will include a program of activities in various schools, a book fair, cultural events and academic talks. The Hispanic Heritage Book Fair Milibrohispano is an institutional program of Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization / Milibrohispano, created in 2018, which has a history of events nationally and internationally, which bring together writers, artists, organizations, teachers, students and the community in general. During the fair they promote and sell books in Spanish, English and bilingual editions, workshops, talks and conferences, while integrating the artistic and cultural agenda of Spanish-speaking countries with exhibitions of art, gastronomy, folklore, music and theater.

Pilar Vélez, creator of the program, comments that “at the Hispanic Heritage Book Fair, literature stands out, the cultural richness of the Spanish-speaking countries, the environment of inclusion that integrates, exalts and encourages the development of talent, and promotes those values ​​that forge the harmonious coexistence of communities.

The Durham program includes a lecture by Dr. Luis Alberto Ambroggio entitled “United States Hispanic” and the participation of the Society of Hispanic Professionals and the General Consulates of Guatemala and Mexico in Raleigh as exhibitors. On April 22, writers will visit Burton Magnet Elementary School, EK Poe Elementary School and The School for Creative Studies (Middle and High School).

As a closing activity, on Sunday 24 April, El Centro Hispano, has organized a tour of the triangle of North Carolina in the tourist goat “La Patialegre” to fire the writers. As usual, in each edition of the fair, Milibrohispano recognizes a member of the community that stands out for its valuable contribution to cultural progress.

In this event, the organization will present the “Hispanic Leadership” award to the Puerto Rican artist Rafael Osuba, who during almost three decades has served the community as an artist, storyteller, author, editor, producer, curator, defender of art, founder of the Quijote Festival and pioneer of countless of artistic and cultural initiatives for almost three decades.

It should be noted that one of the most important purposes of this event in North Carolina consists of founding three community libraries, two of them in Henderson and Hickory, another in the headquarters of El Centro Hispano, for which it has the support of the community, organizations and the Milibrohispano writers’ guild. Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization / Milibrohispano and El Centro Hispano thank cultural and humanitarian organizations, academic institutions and the community in general support and generosity towards the writers and artists who will meet during editions of the Hispanic Heritage Book Fair in Durham, NC.

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