El Centro Hispano

Looking for Latinx Youth Digital Organizers

The Youth Project Associates / Digital Organizers is a temporary position in collaboration with our Jóvenes Líderes en Acción program to develop a Digital Platform intended to help us meet the needs of the Latinx youth in the triangle area. We want to provide and share resources focused around Service Learning Opportunities, College Prep, Life Skills, Career Readiness, Social/Environmental Justice Education, Leadership Development, Mental Health, and Wellness.

Requirements: Duties of this position

  • The duties of the Project Associates are to attend three group sessions and provide feedback on lived experience and help us formulate a design and guidelines for the whole project.
  • Attend each meeting (2 hours) and participate in conversations within the group and will be expected to take on task that may require research and work outside of the work sessions.

What we are looking for:

Candidates for this position …

  • Must have the means to attend the virtual Zoom meetings either through smart phone or computer/laptop.
  • Must be able attend all 3 sessions [2/27, 2/28, 3/6]
  • Must be between the ages of 15-21
  • Must be attending some type of school (high school, community college, university, home school)
  • Must have strong organizational and writing skills,
  • Must have the ability to work independently and as a team,
  • Must have the ability to manage computer software such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and video conferencing applications.

Candidates for this position should …

  • Be knowledgeable and have an understanding of the issues facing the Latinx community.
  • Be bilingual (Spanish/English) or have a high understanding/relationship with Spanish.
  • Cultural competency skills around the Latinx experiences and expectations
  • Have moderate to advanced knowledge of social media.


Those who are selected will get $150 at the end of the three sessions. And will be recognized for coordinating and designing a digital platform that has the potential to reach thousands of youth across the nation.

How to apply:

To apply fill out the form by clicking here or email with a letter of interest to probles@elcentronc.org, telling me your name, age, location, and any relevant experience or skills.