We couldn’t do it without your support

As the coronavirus continues to evolve, our core mission of strengthening the community and building bridges remains unwavering.

This crisis has made one thing strikingly clear: our interdependence. El Centro Hispano is proud to stand alongside you in the effort of helping our neighbors during this pandemic. Here is what we have been doing to protect the most vulnerable:

1. FOOD: We have donated food to a total of 246 people, including 107 children. Altogether there are 61 families from Durham, Wake, Orange and Chatham counties.

2. SERVICES: Our telephone numbers are assisting those who are seeking resources or looking for help with their needs.

3. DIAPERS: Our Carrboro office has served many local families in need with diapers.

4. INFORMATION: We are providing the latest updates and information in English and in Spanish on our social media channels.

5. UNIT MOBILE: In partnership with Llibott Consultorios Medicos, we are offering medical services to the community. For the most up to date information on schedule, please call (919) 679-9669.

To keep raising funds to support and strengthen families at risk who need our help, please consider donating to our COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund. Your donation, no matter how large or small, makes all the difference.

As social distancing advises us to stay physical apart, let’s keep coming together to show our solidarity by supporting those who have been affected by Covid-19. We won’t be able to do any of this work without you.