Vote YES on the “1200 MLK” proposal

The Honorable Pam Hemminger Mayor, Town of Chapel Hill    The Honorable Mr. Parker  Mayor Pro Tem, Town of Chapel Hill    The Honorable Ms. Anderson, Mr. Buansi, Ms. Gu, Mr. Huynh, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Stegman  Council Members, Town of Chapel Hill   Dear Mayor and Council Members, I hope this letter finds you well. […]

Looking for Latinx Youth Digital Organizers

Looking for Latinx Youth Digital Organizers The Youth Project Associates / Digital Organizers is a temporary position in collaboration with our Jóvenes Líderes en Acción program to develop a Digital Platform intended to help us meet the needs of the Latinx youth in the triangle area. We want to provide and share resources focused around Service Learning […]

El Centro Hispano NC

Responding to the needs of our community

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Crisis, El Centro Hispano has been responding to ourcommunity’s need by increasing and expanding services to ensure we are here for our community during thistough time. We have implemented new measures to expand our direct service, to address the community’s needfor resources, and created the El Centro Hispano COVID-19 […]

FaithAction ID network

A collection of nonprofit organizations, faith communities, and community groups that partner together to establish and host FaithAction ID card drives in several counties throughout North Carolina and Ohio. All partners have agreed to utilize the exact same FaithAction ID drive and dialogue model, and vetting system. Partners also participate in monthly calls to share […]