COVID-19 Hispanic/Latinx Workplace Response Taskforce


The task force convenes community advisors/leaders and government leaders to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and changes on the Latino community and to formulate, with an equity lens, effective outreach, policy and service recommendations to create and recover the economic opportunities and increase wellness and incomes of Latino community.



Community Engagement: Convene partners as COVID-19 Community Advisors/leaders to provide specific insight into the needs of Latinos related to COVID-19, engage in efforts of disseminating information and distribution of masks, and with referring to area resources and/or testing sites. 

Systemic/Policy Change: Work with government and legislative leaders to engage the Latino community, build trust, and/or implement policies that reinforce adherence to CDC and NC DHHS recommendations to stop the spread; advocating for paid sick leave, workplace safety, reinforcement of mask use and social distancing in grocery stores, restaurants, and other service entities, and any other community or institutional changes needed to stop the spread. 



Ana Cristina España Gallardo, Consulado General de Guatemala en Raleigh
Liz Guzman, Fiesta Cristiana
Lwiza Escobar, Wake Government
Maria Cervania, Wake County Commissioner
Monica Colin Gutierrez, Consulado Mexicano en Raleigh
Petra Hager, Wake Government
Savanna Click, Town of Cary
TJ Cawley, Mayor Town of Morrisville
Vickie Adamson, Vice Chair Wake County Commissioners
Elke Weil, Co-Chair Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board
Eliazar Posada, El Centro Hispano
Arisha Guerra, El Centro Hispano