Health and Well-being

El Centro Hispano’s Health and Well-being Department works to advance the overall health and well-being with the Hispanic/Latino community through our Health Prevention & Promotion, Access to Health Services, and Healthy Community Activities.

Health Promotion & Access to Care

Health Promotion & Access to Care aims to improve outcomes for the leading health concerns, reduce the rate of  uninsured  community members and increase access to culturally & linguistically appropriate health and human services for Hispanics/Latinos in the Triangle through projects such as:

Ventanilla de Salud at the Mexican Consultate ECH Mobile Unit

HIV Prevention Alcohol/Substance Abuse Education

DWI Prevention  Nutrition Program

Community Support Services

Community Support Services seek to increase access to information, tools, and resources needed by community members to address their needs and/or achieve their goals. Services include information and referral, case management, linkage to area resources, interpretation/translation, legal clinics, immigrant assistance, community forums, and other enabling support or consultation needed. By providing these services, the staff gathers data, identify concerns, and track service barriers to later work with service providers on making improvements.–