Community Specialist-LGBTQ+ Entre Nosotras

The Community Specialist-LGBTQ+ Entre Nosotras serves as a conduit between the
Hispanic/Latino/Latinx LGBTQ+ community and El Centro Hispano. The Specialist will
lead the Hispanic/Latinx transgender community age 18+ to sustain a support group
that will address the needs and concerns of the community and link them to resources
and systems as needed. They will work in conjunction with the LGBTQ+ team to plan
community events and achieve the inclusion of members in the various facets present in
the ECH working area.

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Civic & Community Participation Coordinator

The Civic & Community Participation Coordinator works as part of the department’s team to help
organize, coordinate and strategize the goals and objectives of the department as it aligns with
the vision and mission of the organization. Addressing the barriers, needs and concerns of the
community to strengthen their sense of belonging, equitable access to resources and
opportunities, and their full engagement in the decision-making processes and public policies
that impact their lives.

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