Work With Us

Community Support Manager

The Community Support Manager works as part of the organization to lead the Department’s goal of increasing access to information within the community, tools and vetted resources available to the community to address their needs and meet their goals, and lead customer management guidelines to inform internally and externally decision-making processes to reduce barriers. More information here.


Fund Developer

Oversees all aspects of the organization’s fundraising and other funding sources. The individual will be a supportive and motivational leader, as well as a pro-active fundraiser who has proven success in grants, annual giving, events, and major giving. Fund Developer will also work closely with the leadership team and program managers to create and implement an annual development strategy that aligns with the work of each department. Learn more.


Community Health Worker

A  Community Health Worker  is a trusted member of  the community and/or has an unusually close knowledge of the community they serve. Among their responsibilities are promoting, implementing, moderating, organizing, and managing education programs, providing outreach, education, and support to community members, connecting families with resources, educational programs, and other organization services, as well as promoting educational and positive socialization activities for children and their families, among other duties. More information here. 


Pathway to Citizenship Coordinator

Pathway to Citizenship Coordinator at our non-profit organization plays an essential role in providing educational, administrative and legal support (within the parameters allowed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to partially accredited representatives) to individuals and families in the naturalization process and registration as voters. More information here.