Community Specialist – Health Promoter

The Community Specialist-Health Promoter is a full-time position responsible for assisting the Health Community Department in various projects. Working with the Community Health Department, the Health Promoter specialist embraces a holistic approach to building personal and community health for Latinos in the Triangle area by addressing the social determinants and building health equity.

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Community Specialist-LGBTQ+ Entre Nosotras

The Community Specialist-LGBTQ+ Entre Nosotras serves as a conduit between the
Hispanic/Latino/Latinx LGBTQ+ community and El Centro Hispano. The Specialist will
lead the Hispanic/Latinx transgender community age 18+ to sustain a support group
that will address the needs and concerns of the community and link them to resources
and systems as needed. They will work in conjunction with the LGBTQ+ team to plan
community events and achieve the inclusion of members in the various facets present in
the ECH working area.

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