Community Health

Our Community Health Department aims to improve the health of the Hispanic/Latino/Latinx population.

Health Promotion & Prevention Programs

Muévete con El Centro

“Muevete con El Centro” is a signature health program that aims to promote physical movement in the community through Zumba and fitness classes. Classes are free and open to the public. Reach out to us to find out the next location and date.

Classes offered in Durham & Carrboro

How We Reach Community


Health Window

In collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh, the Health Window provides information about preventive care, vaccinations, diabetes, and nutrition. For those seeking further details about the comprehensive services offered through this program, please reach out to us at Your health is our priority, and we look forward to supporting you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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336 E Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609 MONDAY – FRIDAY (9AM-4PM) (919) 111-1111

Mobile Health Unit

Our Mobile Unit serves as a crucial bridge to connect with Latines in high-traffic Latine communities and hard-to-reach areas across North Carolina. With a mission to increase accessibility to healthcare services, our unit offers general health exams, including measurements for weight, height, blood pressure, and BMI. In collaboration with agencies, we extend our services to include various resources available in the communities we visit. Moreover, we facilitate referrals to low-cost local services, ensuring that individuals receive the comprehensive care they need for a healthier and more informed lifestyle.


Community Fairs & Events

We actively engage in or co-host health fairs and events, strategically reaching out to communities where they are most present. These events serve as dynamic platforms for us to provide valuable health information and resources, fostering a proactive approach to well-rounded healthcare. Additionally, our community health workers often visit small businesses, neighborhoods, schools, and other key locations to ensure that essential health information and resources are easily accessible throughout diverse community settings.



NC Medicaid
Free Health Clinics
Durham Dental Services
Dental Clinics
Mental Health Support

Promotores Academy

Rooted in the belief that community health is a collective effort, the Promotores Academy serves as a platform for individuals to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to be effective promoters of health and well-being. Through a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and a commitment to fostering community leaders, the Promotores Academy aims to create positive change by equipping individuals with the tools to address health disparities, advocate for community needs, and promote a culture of wellness..