About Us

El Centro Hispano is a Latino nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the community, building bridges and advocating for equity and inclusion for Hispanics/Latinos in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

The Hispanic/Latino community strengthening North Carolina.


Education: aims to expand educational opportunities for personal growth and development of the Latino community members, from child to adult.

Economic Development: work on the creation and strengthening of the individual capacities of workers and entrepreneurs.

Community Health: advances and improves the overall health and well-being of the Latino community through prevention and health promotion programs, access to health services, and healthy activities in the community.

Community Support: works to advance the general well-being of the Latino community through access to valuable information to contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.

Civic & Community Participation: with our Leadership Development, Community Development & Community Action programs,trains Latinx leaders to improve quality of life for the entire community.


– Flexibility

– Adaptation to Change

– Respect

– Teamwork

– Vocation to Service