About Us

El Centro Hispano works to strengthen the community, build bridges, and advocate for equity and inclusion.

The Hispanic/Latino/Latinx community strengthening and advancing people in North Carolina and beyond.


Education: aims to expand educational opportunities for personal growth and development of the Latino community members, from child to adult.

Economic Development: work on the creation and strengthening of the individual capacities of workers and entrepreneurs.

Community Health: advances and improves the overall health and well-being of the Latino community through prevention and health promotion programs, access to health services, and healthy activities in the community.

Community Support: works to advance the general well-being of the Latino community through access to valuable information to contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.

Civic & Community Participation: with our Leadership Development, Community Development & Community Action programs,trains Latinx leaders to improve quality of life for the entire community.


– Flexibility and adaptation to change

– Vocation to serve

– Teamwork

– Respect

– Leadership

– Equity

Equity is at the heart of our mission 
We strive to dismantle systemic, institutional, and historical barriers, so they no longer determine the population’s socioeconomic, education, and health opportunities and status, as their right to be.