Many community residents, including many  citizens, do not have the necessary requirements to receive a state issued ID card  or driver’s license. They are often required to  prove their identity for numerous reasons  each day, and without a reliable ID may not  be able to identify themselves with law  enforcement, receive urgent services with  schools, health centers, city departments,  and social service agencies, or participate in  the cultural and business life of their community.

The FaithAction ID card provides card holders  with a reliable form of identification that can  be used as a tool by law enforcement, city  departments, health centers, schools,  businesses, and cultural arts organizations to  better identify, serve, and protect us.

Faith Action Network

The FaithAction ID card is available to any  resident who may have limited access to  government issued ID card, as well as those  who support safer, more inclusive and united  communities.  

What are the limitations of the FaithAction ID card?

The FaithAction ID card is not a state issued  form of identification (and clearly notes this  fact on the back of the card), or a driver’s  license.  

What are the requirements to receive an ID card?

All participants must attend an ID drive, in  which they are required to go through an  orientation on the benefits and limitations of  the card and sign a simple MOU to this effect.  

Counties currently with a FaithAction Network ID

Law enforcement agencies supportive of the program include Greensboro,  Winston-Salem, Burlington, Graham, Mebane, Elon, Gibsonville, Asheboro, Carrboro,  Chapel Hill and Durham Police Departments, as well as the Forsyth and Orange  County Sheriff’s Department, and Moses Cone and Wake Forest Baptist Hospitals.


ECH has been part of  the FaithAction network since 2015

The ID initiative in the City of Durham started on  December of 2015 to provide ECH ID cards for  ANY law-abiding resident with limited access to  government issued forms of ID, and who  supports a safe, more inclusive community.  

How to get a FaithAction ID?

  1. Attend an ID orientation and be cooperative  throughout the ID card process. 
  2. Signed agreement form and intake sheet  (clear and correct spelling). 
  3. Correctly addressed envelope (In the middle  of the envelope).  
  4. Photo ID (passport, foreign national ID card,  matricula consular, driver’s license). 
  5. Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement,  current lease agreement, medical record). 6. Cards are $10 (cash) and must be renewed  each year. 

Original documents only. Copies are not accepted. There may be some limited flexibility on certain requirements.

Additional Important Considerations

We will hold all personal information in a secure database  accessible only to El Centro Hispano staff and select  volunteers.

You should receive your card by mail within 10-14 days if  envelope is correctly addressed, unless more information  is required from you.

Don’t Miss Our Faith ID’s Drives! (We open doors at 7 a.m. They close at 8 a.m)