We are happy to announce that on May 19 we will be partnering with Elna B. Spaulding Conflict Resolution Center (CRC) to provide a 6-week Conflict Coaching training (1.5 hours per week) for Latinx youth and parents part of the triangle community. In our hopes to connect these resources to all, any parent/caretaker or youth who identifies as hispanic/latinx may apply, the training is free for all. (training details below) 

So what is Conflict Resolution? 

Conflict resolution is a style or method of engaging and thinking through confrontations, stress, personal problems, disagreements, hurtful situations, etc. It even can follow practices of restorative justice based on accountability and understanding your own role or position around certain situations. Our goal and hope is that during these conflict coaching sessions the youth will understand their conflict, explore options to manage the situation, create strategies and develop an action plan. 

Some common tips to help youth resolve conflict include:


How else is Conflict Resolution Helpful in the home?

Another main concern when it comes to our community is the relationship between parents and teenagers, particularly when it comes sto cultural clashes. Conflict between parents and teenagers is normal. Applying conflict resolution skills can provide a neutral and safe space where families can engage in conversations to address areas of conflict. 

This method attempts to give voice to each member of the family. The tools assist family members to open up communication, identify issues, brainstorm solutions and reach mutually acceptable agreements. Some of the issues may revolve around discipline and family expectations like rules, house chores, use of phone and car, friends, siblings, work and/or school and styles of communication/living. 

More resources available here:

Who is the Conflict Resolution Center?

The Elna B. Spaulding Conflict Resolution Center is a community mediation center in Durham, North Carolina that approaches conflict through collaboration that results in win-win solutions.

The center focuses on mediation, negotiation, and training to help people address all-types of conflict. They also lean into Restorative Justice models such as victim-offender mediation or dialogue and conferencing when appropriate. Their mission is to  “provide the community a different way to experience conflict and find common ground through communication, cooperation, and understanding,” with hope to serve people of all ages in the area.Their goal is “to help people to listen with an intent to understand each other and work cooperatively to reach a mutual agreement.”

Description of Training: May 19- June 23, 2021 Wednesdays at 6pm

This interactive workshop combines discussion and skills practice. It promotes the development of conflict management skills for youth. During this training we aim to understand the conflicts youth face everyday. It provides the skills to improve communication, techniques to identify, understand and handle intrapersonal/interpersonal conflict in a healthy way.  This training empowers youth by building life skills (personal and professional) that can be used in different settings such as school, family and work. 


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