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Entitling Construction Workers through OSHA 10 certification

El Centro Hispano, through its Department of Economic Development and its Casa de Empleo y Liderazgo (CEL) program, launched its Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 training program, conducted on March 23 and 24 at the Durham Technical Community College.

This comprehensive certification program was tailored specifically for individuals seeking to enhance their safety knowledge and skills within the construction industry. The training was facilitated in Spanish by Carlos Castillo an experienced safety consultant.

“For both, seasoned professionals and for just starting out in the industry, this certification equips them with essential safety practices and regulations, ensuring a safer work environment for them and their colleagues. And we look forward to continue providing these tools to our hard working community”, said Arisha Guerra, Economic Development Department Manager of El Centro Hispano.


Susana Arias, has been dedicating herself to remodeling and construction for ten years and she shares her input about OSHA certification: “We learned a lot today, things we didn’t even have a clue about. I really liked the course, especially that it was free”.
For Jose Wilson Niño, who has worked in a marble and granite flooring company for two years, the OSHA 10 certification gives him the opportunity to refresh his knowledge and make his co-workers aware of the risks they have regarding the different particles that they handle. “With OSHA certification, we can reduce the risks to which we are exposed regardless of the type of work we are doing and the idea is to mitigate those risks and being safe”.

About El Centro Hispano: El Centro Hispano is a Latino non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the community, building bridges, and promoting equity and inclusion.

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