Together with the North Carolina Hispanic media, El Centro Hispano is excited to announce
the launch of the NC Unida Contra El Virus campaign which aims to send unified messages to the
at-risk Latino community to raise awareness about COVID-19 and reduce contagion.

“We want to increase language access to key information about prevention and awareness in our
community,” said Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, El Centro Hispano CEO and President. “This collaborative
effort is critical when the Latino/Hispanic community is being disproportionately struck by COVID-19
infections in North Carolina.”

In fact, according to state health officials, as of mid-June, the Latino community made up just over
14,000 positive cases — 44% of the nearly 30,000 cases for which ethnicity is known. This is
concerning since Latinos are only 9.3% of the state’s population.

The NC Unida Contra El Virus campaign will focus on several digital media initiatives in the next 10
weeks to amplify messages in Spanish about COVID-19 through social media, radio, television, and
print media. The goal behind this collaboration between El Centro Hispano and the Hispanic media is
to offer the Spanish-speaking audience in North Carolina the opportunity to be better informed.

“We are aware that efforts to reduce COVID-19 diagnoses among Latinx residents had to involve more
than the spread of information, however, the breadth of this campaign emphasizes our belief that a
unified, targeted campaign effort will empower our community to fight against mis/disinformation
related to COVID-19. Well informed citizens make better decisions,” said Rocha-Goldberg.

Participating organizations of the NC Unida Contra El Virus campaign, in alphabetical order, include
Enlace Latino, El Centro Hispano NC, La Conexión, La Grande, La K Buena NC, La Ley, La Mega,
La Noticia, Revista Latina NC and Qué Pasa NC. Hispanic media that wishes to join this campaign can
learn more at this link.