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Orgullo Latinx 2024

El Centro Hispano is proud to announce that Orgullo Latinx 2024 was a successful vibrant event with the presence of the Mayor of Carrboro, Barbara Foushee, the first Black woman mayor for the town, the Council Member Catherine Fray, the first nonbinary person to be elected to office in the state of North Carolina, and Eliazar Posada, the first openly LGBTQ Latino elected in North Carolina. 

Orgullo Latinx took place on June 8 from 5 to 9 pm at Carrboro Town Commons, located at 301 W Main St with an attendance of 500 people. Exciting performances were featured, including Drag Shows that showcase the diversity and talent within the Latinx community. The evening was also filled with music, dancing, food and raffles. 

“Orgullo Latinx is more than just a festival – it’s a celebration of diversity, unity, and pride,” said Elsa Huerta, LGBTQ+ coordinator of El Centro Hispano. “It was also a joyous occasion to  immerse in the rich tapestry of Latinx culture, experiencing the rhythms, flavors, and traditions that make the community so unique.”

For more information about Orgullo Latinx 2024 and other programs offered by El Centro Hispano, please visit https://elcentronc.org/orgullo-latinx/

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