April 29, 2024

El Centro Hispano NC and El Colectivo Launching an Educational Campaign to Raise Awareness Against HB10 

and Immigrant Rights in North Carolina

Raleigh, NC – El Centro Hispano NC and El Colectivo in North Carolina are taking a firm stance against HB10, denouncing the proposed legislation that threatens the livelihoods and safety of undocumented immigrants in the state.

Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, President & CEO of El Centro Hispano, vehemently opposes HB10, highlighting the economic absurdity of targeting a community integral to building the state and the nation. “Instead of implementing unnecessary and restrictive bills like HB10, we should prioritize labor protections and access to work permits,” Rocha-Goldberg emphasized.

El Colectivo NC echoes this condemnation, emphasizing the terrorizing effects of anti-immigrant legislation on immigrant communities. Similar bills passed in other states have fostered an atmosphere of fear and insecurity nationwide.

HB10, mandating sheriffs to cooperate with federal immigration officials without judicial orders, poses significant threats to immigrant communities in North Carolina. Rather than enhancing security, HB10 would instill fear and erode trust between law enforcement and immigrants.

Salazar, a representative of El Colectivo, underscores the grave consequences of HB10, stating, “Legislation like HB10 does not make our communities safer. When local law enforcement officers get involved in federal immigration law, it creates fear and mistrust in our communities and it harms public safety.” He added: “With HB10, we’ll see families torn apart, countless victims in ICE custody, unable to defend themselves. It perpetuates fear and risks overcrowded jails and deportations.”

North Carolina relies heavily on undocumented immigrant labor, with significant contributions in vital sectors like construction and agriculture. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, approximately 2.4 million farm jobs need to be filled annually, underscoring immigrants’ critical role in sustaining essential sectors of the economy.

El Colectivo NC, alongside organizations like El Centro Hispano, demands protection for immigrants rights. With undocumented immigrants constituting 39% of North Carolina’s immigrant population and contributing $5.9 billion in purchasing power, their integration into the workforce is vital for the state’s prosperity.

Through social media campaigns like #StopHB10 and #ProtectNCFamilies, El Colectivo NC and El Centro Hispano are launching an educational campaign to mobilize support to oppose HB10, provide educational resources, and safeguard immigrant families’ rights and dignity in North Carolina. Access to the toolkit here.

El Colectivo NC is a membership group of Latinx grassroots organizations, Latinx non-profit organizations, and allied groups and organizations in North Carolina working to strengthen grassroots groups and community organizations, working for the justice of immigrants and their families, and increasing the collective power of directly impacted communities. Learn more at

El Centro Hispano is a non-profit organization that works to strengthen the community, build bridges, and advocate for equity and inclusion, serving the Hispanic/Latine population across Durham, Wake, Orange, and neighboring counties. Learn more at


APRIL 19, 2024


El Centro Hispano celebrates XV years of service of Pilar Rocha-Goldberg

Durham, North Carolina, April 19, 2024.- El Centro Hispano, is proud to announce the celebration of the XV years of service of its esteemed president & CEO, Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, with a traditional “quinceañera” fundraising ceremony.

For fifteen years, Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, has tirelessly championed the mission of El Centro Hispano, fostering growth, advocacy, and support for Hispanic individuals and families in North Carolina. Under her visionary leadership, El Centro Hispano serves more than 220,000 people and has expanded its reach and impact to 15 counties. Pilar has also managed to increase the number of locations from one to four to serve directly the community: Durham, Carrboro, Raleigh, and the most recent addition of our administrative office at the Freedman Center in Durham.

The celebration featured traditional elements of a quinceañera, including a waltz, and symbolic rituals, highlighting the richness of Hispanic culture and the significance of this milestone occasion.

Members of the Board of El Centro Hispano, members of the community, partners, supporters, and friends attended the fundraising event. The money raised will serve to continue the mission of El Centro Hispano, to strengthen the community, build bridges, and advocate for equity and inclusion.

About El Centro Hispano: El Centro Hispano is a Latino non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the community, building bridges, and promoting equity and inclusion. For any media inquiries please contact: or (919) 6013201

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