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It’s time to classify femicide as a crime

Dear friends, partners and collaborators,

As we enter 2024, our hearts are heavy with the profound sorrow over the tragic loss of Liliana Concha Perez. Liliana was a dear friend. She dedicated part of her time as a volunteer at El Centro Hispano and thrived as a service-oriented businesswoman. 

From the beginning, El Centro Hispano has stood in solidarity with the Concha Perez family, advocating for authorities to grant a humanitarian visa to Liliana’s mother and offering support throughout this painful process. While a memorial vigil provided some solace to her family, the ongoing effort requires our sustained commitment.

At El Centro Hispano we have seen an increase in cases of femicides. Murders of women by their romantic partners or men close to them. The most recent is the case of Liliana Concha. Unfortunately she is not the only one. The day after Christmas, El Centro Hispano received a phone call asking for help. A man killed his wife in Charlotte before their young son’s eyes. A year ago, a beloved collaborator of Diamante Inc., Blanca Rosa La Cortiglia was also shot dead by her husband. 

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