Engaging with lawmakers and legislators is an essential part of advocating for community needs and promoting positive change. Recently, our organization had the privilege of meeting with representatives and senators in the General Assembly.

These productive discussions revolved around a remarkable proposal to host a community service fair, as well as exploring potential collaborations and sharing ongoing initiatives. In this blog post, we highlight the significance of these legislative visits and the positive impact they can have on strengthening communities.

Meeting Representative Cynthia Ball and Representative Tim Longest:

During our visit to the General Assembly, we had the pleasure of being greeted by Democratic Representative Cynthia Ball of the 49th District, Wake, and Representative Tim Longest of the 34th District, Wake. These lawmakers showed genuine interest in our organization’s goals and priorities. Together, we discussed an exciting proposal to organize a community service fair in the upcoming fall season. This fair aims to bring together various essential services and local resources under one roof, benefiting community members with medical assistance, legal guidance, educational programs, employment opportunities, and more.


Visit from Representative Renée A. Price:

We were honored to have District 50 Representative Renée A. Price visit our offices in Carrboro. The meeting provided a platform to exchange ideas, discuss ongoing programs and projects, and explore possibilities for future collaboration. Representative Price’s presence and support were invaluable, reaffirming the importance of building relationships between legislators and community organizations. Her commitment to our cause and dedication to making a difference were truly inspiring.


Legislative Visit with Senator Sydney Batch

Our day of legislative visits also included an engaging meeting with Democratic State Senator Sydney Batch, representing Wake County’s 17th District. As we shared the key projects and objectives that our organization has been working on, Senator Batch exhibited a keen interest in our work and how it aligns with her legislative priorities. This alignment provides a solid foundation for future collaborations and collective efforts to create positive change within the community. Senator Batch’s attentiveness and enthusiasm reinforced our belief in the power of collaboration between lawmakers and community organizations.

Legislative visits in the General Assembly have proven to be a valuable opportunity for our organization to engage with elected representatives and senators who are passionate about serving their communities.

Through these visits, we have witnessed firsthand the commitment of Democratic Representative Cynthia Ball, Representative Tim Longest, Representative Renée A. Price, and Senator Sydney Batch to address the needs of their constituents.

The proposed community service fair exemplifies their dedication to fostering stronger, more resilient communities. We extend our gratitude to these lawmakers for their time, support, and shared vision for a better future.

By working together, we can create lasting positive change and ensure that essential services and resources are accessible to all members of the community.

El Centro Hispano meet Representative Maria Cervania.
El Centro Hispano meet Representative Maria Cervania.

Meeting Representative Maria Cervania:

As part of El Centro Hispano’s advocacy strategy, we meet with Representative Maria Cervania of District 41 in Wake County, NC to share with her the services that El Centro Hispano provides in four key areas: Health, Education, Civic Participation & Community, and Economic Development. 

Health, social justice, youth leadership development, diversity, inclusion and LGBTQ+ community were topics in which Representative Cervania expressed interest as well as in access to language, tutoring for children, the path to citizenship and the promotion of voting. “The Latino community has to go out and vote, because there are many bills that can affect the community,” said Representative María Cervania.

El Centro Hispano meet Representative Sandra Crawford, District 16, Wake County, North Carolina
El Centro Hispano meet Representative Sandra Crawford, District 16, Wake County, North Carolina

Meeting Representative Sarah Crawford:

We met with Representative Sarah Crawford of Wake District 16 in North Carolina. Topics such as economic development, health, education, civic and community participation, as well as community support, were those that were discussed on this occasion.

We will continue our legislative visits with North Carolina Representatives and Senators to amplify the services we offer and advocate for issues that affect our community.