What is the Faith Action ID Network?

The Faith Action ID Network is a collection of nonprofit organizations, faith communities, and community groups that partner together to establish and host FaithAction ID card drives in several counties throughout North Carolina and Ohio.

All partners have agreed to utilize the exact same FaithAction ID drive and dialogue model, and vetting system. Partners also participate in monthly calls to share updates and best practices. Current partners include:

FaithAction International House
Hispanic League
FaithHealth NC
El Centro Hispano
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
The Latin American Coalition
The North Carolina Council of Churches
Asheboro and Robbins Unidos
Latino Commission on Aids
Catholic Charities of SW Ohio
Metro Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati


How does the ID program build trust with local law enforcement, and other local sectors?
Several law enforcement officers are present for each ID drive, and engage in remarkably positive dialogue with ID participants. Officers listen to the needs and concerns of the community, while also educating the community on laws, and ways to report and help to resolve crimes. It is not uncommon for crimes to be privately reported to trusted officers at ID drives.

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