The Education Department expands educational opportunities for personal growth and development of Hispanic/Latino community members, from child to adult. Its efforts address three main components: literacy and academic achievement for children, youth, and adults; workforce readiness and development; and community education, advocacy, and civic engagement; particularly that which leads toward citizenship and leadership development.

Economic Development
The Economic Development Department focuses on expanding the capacity of Hispanic/Latino community members to make sound, educated financial decisions that build long-term assets and financial security. The Casa for Employment & Leadership (CEL) is part of the Economic Development Program and builds the capacity of day laborers, domestics, and temporary workers to secure steady or permanent employment and a living wage.

Health & Well-being 
Health and Well-being Department works to advance the overall health and well-being of the Hispanic/Latino community through our Health Prevention & Promotion, Access to Health Services, and Healthy Community Activities.

Community Engagement & Advocacy
The Community Engagement and Advocacy Department seeks to increase the capacity of community members to respond to, advocate for, and address issues affecting the lives of Latinos in the Triangle area; assuring representation and inclusion of Latinos and their concerns in planning and decision-making. The Program works to build leadership, grow collective power, create awareness and provide resources to uphold the rights, dignity, and safety of Hispanic/Latino, immigrant, and LGBTQ communities.